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Anytime the painted floor surfaces of your factory or warehouse become worn, you may require to seek the services of an industrial painting contractor in Dundee We provide a turn-key service for your industrial floor preparation and floor painting– leaving you with the perfect finish and no hassle on your part. So for a reliable service that you can rely on, call on us if you require industrial floor painting in Dundee.

Painter And Decorator Dundee

As your regional painting company we will cater to all your painting and decorating services requirements. We will do what you really want from your residential and commercial painting contractor. You can rely on us to paint your walls, ceilings, doors and windows to the highest standard. 

If you have a factory floor, a garage floor or a showroom that wants painting we are the regional professionals. We are right here to help you if you require specialised industrial painting services that no one else in Dundee can use. Frequently there is a requirement for concrete floor repairs– including fracture and loose concrete repairs. We look after this for you. We can also look after all the required preparations which can consist of diamond grinding of concrete floors. Our specialization remains in the professional installation of resin floors and other epoxy resin floor coating.

Not just does epoxy resin flooring appearance great as a floor surface, and yet there are several practical reasons for selecting epoxy resin flooring over a more traditional polished concrete surface for workspace and commercial floorings.

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If your operation requires a hygiene flooring well then an epoxy coating offers the solution. Where slip resistance is needed well then a grit can be put into the resin coating before being layed.

If your requirement garage flooring painted our company have definitely a specifically designed chemically resistant epoxy for car repair work garages and showrooms. They area in addition ideal for all commercial floor coatings and an antislip grit can be included for additional safety. Some customers will continue to pick the more standard garage floor paint because the resin flooring is a little bit more costly. However is you consider the higher wear resistance and just how much longer epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings will last you, you will rapidly validate any additional costs incurred. To serve those firms engaged in the manufacture or testing of fragile electronics our company have the ability to use epoxy resins that are designed to suit anti static floorings.

Only lately our company have completed the floor preparation for a big shopping centre car-park. This involved laying the epoxy resin flooring to a number of floor levels. Do you need a sturdy floor screed for your commercial finished floors? We are a professional painting contractor and our company can certainly deliver all of the essential work from the initial commercial floor preparation, through to the application of the final coating system. With regard to the car-park painting projects our company have made use of an anti slip covering for the ramps between levels. We in addition took care of the line marking for the pedestrian walkways and parking bays.

You might just really want us to put on a specific colour or a company logo to the decorative floor coating. This is enabled by incorporating the preferred coloured colour to the epoxy coating in the course of application.

For pedestrian locations slip resistant surfaces are vital. However, we also make use of resin coatings which are proven to be chemically resistant too – so that they will not be affected by commercial maintenance chemicals.

If you have a project that is in the early stages of constructing a brand-new premises we can help with the fireproofing of structural steelwork. We can provide intumescent painting that will provide 30 or 60 minutes of fire safety as specified. With the current trend for exposed steelwork and ducting in modern-day office buildings – we offer an onsite spraying service to cater to these requirements.

We are your local area property and commercial fit out decorators in Dundee Go ahed and give us a call when you need a dependable painting company for industrial floor painting in Dundee We offer a totally free inspection and written quote for all your work without commitment. If you have an interest in discovering more about getting an epoxy floor put in then give us a call. The epoxy paint resins are readily available in a series of colours you can pick from. Give us a call and we will more than happy to send you a colour chart and information about the epoxy flooring choices. We also use a totally free site survey if you consider your requirements are a little bit more complex or if you have extremely particular requirements.

Looking for assistance or recommendations on epoxy coating for a factory floor, a garage floor and even a floor surface in your house in Dundee then call on us. We more than happy to help if you have any concerns regarding an epoxy floor and want to speak with an epoxy coating professional. Regardless if you are just at the early planning stages or you your contract is ready for finishing now – we would love to talk with you.

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