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Out of Hours Painting And Decorating Services In Dundee

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Out Of Hours Painting And Decorating Services

Do you have a painting project that can just be done out of hours? We are the painters and decorators who are happy to take on those projects. We will not make a fuss about it. Give us a call when you need out of hours decorating in Dundee We are professional and trusted.

Painter Decorator Dundee

Do you need painters decorators or wallpaper hanging in your home or business? Then give us a call. We are extremely skilled painters with over 25 years in the trade. Wanted to have your decorating done out of hours in Dundee Then contact us. We can take care of any painting and decorating projects than must be undertaken after hours. 

Not many painting contractors want to work outside regular business hours. Rely on us for commercial painting and decorating in Dundee. When it comes to commercial painting we know that our customers are busy concentrating on their business throughout the day. They have personnel and customers in their business buildings that they can not interrupt. However they still need the painting and decorating work carried out. After your personnel and customers have actually gone for the day, you can contact painting contractors like us to take care of the painting.

We can normally undertake the majority of the exterior painting throughout the day as there is a lot of work to be done around the outside of your commercial property where we will not interrupt the business. If you have to have your painting and decorating work undertaken after regular business hours then simply give us a call. We can handle these projects.

One particular job like this was for a customer who has a training business in Dundee with very busy offices. Their property maintanence needed us to do the floor painting with an epoxy floor resin finish. We also had walls and ceiling painting in the main offices and showroom locations that might just be undertaken after hours.

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Though it is not really ideal to work around your personnel and customers to get the skirting board and walls painted – it is possible. However there is simply too much risk associalted with painting the ceilings when your personnel or customers exist. We will just paint the warehouse floor finish when the facility is empty after regular business hours. In order for the warehouse flooring finish to be totally dry and ready for use in the day, we really need to get to work on the flooring finish as soon as the personnel have actually left for the day.

To much of our commercial property customers we are more than their painters and decorators. We also take care of their property repair and maintenance. The rapairing and fitting of lights and light bulbs are just one of those maintenance duties than can not be overlooked. There are lots of routine maintenance tasks that are apparently unseen that need doing – such as the waste removal and bin emptying. We will not perform any electrical installation work however we do have an reliable electrician that we refer our customers to.

We want to provide our customers the best service in residential and commercial painting contractors in Dundee – so we attempt to make their lives simpler by assisting with the property maintenance too. We have actually built up a terrific group of competent tradesmen and every one of our men is a high quality painter and decorator. We have one of our most experienced painter and decorators perform a free site survey with our customer before we estimate for the work. That way we are all completely clear on what work is expected and what is needed to do the job properly. We take some time to prepare each job so that we can offer the best possible service to our customers before the work even begins. Every customer gets a written quote that itemises our painting prices for every element of their job. All our painting prices are the most reasonable you will get for the quality of work that we do.

When you need the assistance of painters and decorators Dundee then contact us to start with. Even if you think the painting tasks are small and not worth bothering a painter with – we are still interested in serving you. For the little tasks such as painting a fresh coat of paint on a kitchen ceiling or painting repairs on a kitchen or hall wall – we will do those for you. If it is a bigger job such as sanding and varnishing a wood floor – which can often be time consuming, we like that kind of work. For all your interior and exterior painting and decorating needs – we want to be your first choice.

When you need business painters and decorators thst you can depend on then you can rely on us. Whether it is for a small job such as a single business office painting or for the big projects like the outside of a factory painting project – then we are happy to help you. If you want a excellent job done then contact us for the perfect finishing to your decorating project each time.

Call us now for a free quote with no obligation. Don’t forget we provide out of hours painting upon request. Call now for one of our free price guides and a free consultation.

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